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Senior Citizen Discount's Journal
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in Senior Citizen Discount's LiveJournal:

Friday, August 22nd, 2003
9:54 pm
ok, i'm going to make this community active again, even if i have to do it myself..

Current Mood: energetic
Thursday, August 14th, 2003
9:56 pm
i wish this community was more active..

does anyone have any suggestions as to what can be done about this?

Current Mood: curious
Wednesday, July 16th, 2003
5:15 pm
i love old people!
i can't wait to be old!
i bought a cool cardigan today!

Current Mood: excited
Monday, June 2nd, 2003
5:53 am
Berry Inneresting
Most days I got no time.

Today, I'm off work sick, I got lots of time.

Say, you old people aren't very talkative, are ye?
Monday, December 30th, 2002
2:42 am
....i belong

Current Mood: nostalgic
Sunday, December 29th, 2002
10:51 am
Well, I'm old, gosh darn it!

Current Mood: confused
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